Program Principles

At School-to-School International (STS), three principles guide our work in transforming education and school health: participation, quality control, and sustainability. These principles are an integral part of our Whole Child Model.


We encourage community involvement by training parents and other community members to support their children’s education and participate in school management and improvement. Our training builds the capacities of principals, teachers and local education officials.

Quality Control

We evaluate our success by assessing the resources we provide such as training, materials and small grants and measuring their impact on students’ progress. These results don’t just include academic improvement, but also gains in children’s confidence and learning skills. If we don’t attain our desired results, we retool our approach.


We aim to enable our local partners to use the strategies we introduce to them to achieve success. We build the capacity of local communities to carry on the work we begin and our staff in Guinea to take on more instrumental roles in STS, including financial management and project development. To ensure sustainability, our policy is to operate in partner countries for at least 10 years.