Since 2002, STS has worked with the Ministry of Education and donor agencies including the World Bank and Action Aid to implement several projects in 30 partner schools throughout Guinea’s coastal region.

Projects include:

  • An evaluation of the national examinations system
  • Research on linkages between education and health
  • Promotion of girls’ education
  • Remediation in mathematics education
  • Instruction in national languages

Our reach and impact in Guinea:


  • Implemented the Whole Child Model in 34 schools in Guinea, West Africa
  • Reached over 8,000 students, 130 teachers, & thousands of parents & community members
  • Provided 20 scholarships to young girls
  • Connected thousands of students around the world through our Pen Pal Program
  • Built 12 wells & 9 latrines—and trained communities in their use and management


  • 66% increase in knowledge of proper hygiene among students
  • >70% increase in knowledge of malaria transmission among students & teachers
  • 20-55% increase in different aspects of HIV knowledge among students
  • 10% gains in math achievements among students