Water equals Change. Let’s keep it flowing.

Dear Friends of STS,

Water scarcity affects one in three people on every continent of the globe. Nearly 800 million people do not have access to clean water and an estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to basic sanitation. One of the Millennium Development Goals is to halve the proportion of people living without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation by 2015.

At School-to-School International we are on the ground in this fight to keep the water flowing. To date, we have built 14 wells and nine latrines in Guinea while providing health kits and training communities to manage and maintain this life-saving infrastructure.

In Africa, 90% of the work done to gather water is conducted by women – this translates to approximately 6 hours per day on average. In some countries, cutting the time a female has to travel to fetch water from 30 to 15 minutes increases school attendance among girls by 12%.

Imagine the impact you could make by helping girls to have a well right in their community or on their school grounds!

Donate to STS to build more wells and latrines and give the children the resources they need to be healthy and productive students. Go ahead, make that gift today.

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