To Tanzania: Expanding STS’s Whole Child Model

Building on lessons learned from years of implementation and research in Guinea, School-to-School International will expand our signature Whole Child Model to Tanzania in early 2018.

Since 2002, one single principle has guided STS’s work in education: In order for students to thrive, they must have their basic needs fulfilled. For over a decade, STS has developed and refined that principle to form the Whole Child Model—a holistic, broad-based set of interventions to create the conditions of success for school children in Guinea (West Africa). Our integrated approach simultaneously addresses challenges in education and children’s health while engaging local communities.

This year, we are committed to expanding the geographic reach of the Whole Child Model to benefit children in the Arusha District of Tanzania. In collaboration with local leaders and educational authorities, we hope to implement a trio of integrated and culturally-appropriate initiatives that will reach 92 primary schools, giving the children there the support they need to flourish.

But we can’t do it without your help! For our work to succeed, we need the commitment of people like you—our friends, funders, partners, and colleagues. Please donate today to support the children of Tanzania!

Read more about our plans in Tanzania.

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