Girls’ Scholarship Recipients

Dear STS Supporters: Fatoumata’s Story

Dear School-to-School International supporters:

Three years ago, I met a fourth-grade student named Fatoumata Diouf at STS’s partner school in Filimia in the Boke region of western Guinea. She was an ideal candidate for the girls’ scholarship program. In addition to meeting all the scholarship criteria, Fatoumata showed exceptional promise and enthusiasm for learning while also facing a particularly difficult home life. Fatoumata is one of these special cases.

Staff Stories: Mabinty, Scholarship Recipient

Mabinty- scholarship recipient

Written by Mamounan Kpoghomou, STS National Coordinator – Guinea

Mabinty Soumah is a young girl who has attended Wonkifong elementary school in Guinea for six years. She lost her mother when she was only two years old. Mabinty has lived with her aunt, who is also her teacher, since first grade. Mabinty is hardworking, punctual, and studious. Her aunt, Mahawa, has six children of her own. She is the second wife of a farmer, who has a total of 13 children. The family survives on the food they grow and the fish they catch. The two wives struggle to make ends meet to support their numerous children and husband, whose earnings are practically nonexistent. By accepting to take in her sister’s orphan, Mahawa has endured great hardship to provide food, clothing, and school supplies to all of the children under her care.