Education for All

Dear Girls of Guinea: I am Humbled by the Obstacles You Overcome

Dear Girls of Guinea,

For the past three years, I have had the honor of working in Guinea to make schools better for you—to make the physical spaces of school safer by installing wells and latrines and to make the culture more welcoming by working with your teachers, parents, and communities to change the social norms that can often keep you from attending.

The Importance of Making Learning Visible

Earlier this year, an independent team of experts detailed the “global learning crisis” in the 11th Education for All Global Monitoring Report. One of the most sobering statistics was that 250 million children do not know the fundamentals — how to read, write, or do basic math problems — including 130 million children who attend school.

How Our Work Coheres with Education Priorities Worldwide

Last month, UNESCO published a comprehensive assessment of the global state of education. In the 11th Education for All Global Monitoring Report, an independent team of experts describes how a “global learning crisis” is preventing tens of millions of children from receiving a quality education. The experts’ recommendations mirror the philosophy on which School-to-School International was founded in 2002 — ensuring that every child is able to thrive in the classroom.