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Last month you heard about the exciting way the Whole Child Model supports school children and their communities through education, health, and community engagement programs. We shared with you about the power that education has on children’s lives, and on the well-being of their communities and countries.

This month we want to tell you how our health program – school health and wellness plus water and sanitation – is impacting the lives of children and their communities.
Also, our Pen Pal Program is ready to kick off in early October, so be sure to get onboard if you want your school to participate!

Donating to School-to-School International will ensure we continue building the conditions of success for girls and boys around the world.


School Health
One of Whole Child Model’s main components is school health. If children are not healthy, or do not have access to clean water and sanitation, they are less likely to succeed in school.

The FRESH model (Focusing Resources for Effective School Health) is focused on four pillars for promoting health in schools:

    School health policy
    Water and sanitation (see below)
    Health instruction using a life-skills approach
    Linkages to health services

Our school health program focuses on the integration of health and nutrition curriculum into the classroom, the distribution of school health kits, the construction of wells and latrines (see below), and the training of community members on the management of these systems.


Nasser Primary School, Nasser, Guinea:

The Allisonville Elementary School of Indianapolis, IN, an active participant in STS’s Pen Pal program, spearheaded a number of fundraising activities to construct a well at the Nasser Primary School. Earlier this year, the construction was completed and the community was trained on its use and management. Today, the well provides clean water to over 280 children plus to the surrounding community of over 600 people.

You, too, can partner with STS to build wells and latrines in one of our 34 communities to ensure children have access to clean water and sanitary conditions! Click our DONATE NOW button below and change a life today.


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