Scholarship Recipient: Aminatou’s Story

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Since 2002, School-to-School International has impacted the lives of thousands of students in Guinea through our Whole Child Model, an integrated set of activities centered on the three sectors of education, health, and engagement.

Empowering girls is a key focus of the model. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we gave 30 scholarships to girls last year. We also raised awareness about the benefits of girls’ education by conducting community workshops and ran after-school programs for at-risk children, with a special emphasis on girls.

This marks the second week of our fundraising effort devoted to our girls’ education activities. We have the special chance to double the impact we make in the lives of girls, thanks to an awesome contributor who has offered to match all donations during this campaign.

These donations will help to change the lives of girls like 13-year-old Aminatou, who has received a scholarship from us since 2012. The fifth-grader’s favorite subjects include history, geography, science, math, and French.

Like all scholarship recipients, Aminatou and her family receive a sack of rice each month. Her resourceful family works hard, but struggles to make ends meet. Aminatou’s father works on a farm, and her mother sells bread, cookies, and other goods at a small store. Aminatou has made her own clothes ever since her father taught her how to sew. She rarely has any money to bring to school, so her friends sometimes share their lunch with her.

As the oldest of six children, Aminatou has a lot of responsibilities at home. When she comes home from school, she sometimes has to do chores before finishing her homework. If her mother doesn’t have time to cook, Aminatou must start a fire and get dinner ready.

Even with all she must do at home, Aminatou finds time to study. Since she has received the scholarship, her parents have encouraged and helped her more with her schoolwork. They thank her and bless her as she works toward her ultimate goal: She wants to be a pediatrician.

Our scholarship program makes it possible for girls like Aminatou to stay in school and realize their dreams. You could change a girl’s life by donating whatever you can. A gift of  just $50 will give a month of scholarship support to not one but two girls, thanks to our generous donor’s match. Please visit our CauseVox page to make your donation.

Please share this great opportunity with your family, friends, and colleagues. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Check our website weekly for personal stories from staff explaining why they are passionate about girls’ education. Thanks to your support, we will achieve our goal!

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