Girls’ Education Project

While working with our partner schools in Coastal Guinea, STS has consistently witnessed girls struggling to complete elementary school; nationwide, less than half of school-aged girls complete their elementary school education and make it to middle school. As a result, the Girls’ Education Project was developed.

The Girls’ Education Project has three primary activities:

• Conduct workshops in schools and communities to sensitize teachers, parents and education administrators to the importance of girls’ education.
• Give teachers training and a modest stipend for leading after-school classes for children at risk, with a special focus on girls.
• Provide the families of the poorest girls with half a sack of rice per month for an entire school year – enough to feed the average Guinea family for a month.

Through this integrated approach, our program supports the girls, their families and the school so girls are encouraged to enroll in school, stay in school, and so girls can succeed in their studies.