Dear Girls of Guinea: You Aren’t Alone

Dear Girls of Guinea,

You inspire me. Since 2002, you have been a driving force for me each day—your education, your wellness, your potential. Through presidential elections and a coup, strikes and massacres, even Ebola, you remain strong.

I worry that you feel like you’re doing it alone. I know you face some pretty serious challenges, more so than your brothers and cousins, more so than girls in some other countries. You may be forced to leave school because of family circumstances. You may be asked to marry young. You may wonder if it’s worth it to stay in school, asking yourself if there is any future for you as a professional?

But my message to you is this: you aren’t alone. Along with your teachers, family, and community, School-to-School International is on your side. We want you to succeed in your grade this year, then go on to middle school, secondary school, and beyond. We want all of you—with your brothers and sisters—to be the leaders of your community, of Guinea, and of the world. We know you have the potential, and we will give you the tools to succeed.

Dear girls of Guinea, I am so proud of you and so eager to help you achieve even more in 2017. You deserve to have ample learning opportunities, a healthy learning environment, and engaged supporters helping you as well. And I am committed to ensuring you have just that.

Mark Lynd
President and Co-Founder, School-to-School International

For fourteen years, School-to-School International has provided youth in Guinea with support in education, health, and parental involvement so they could succeed in school—and ultimately, in life. Our Whole Child Model addresses these challenges, with a special focus on girls. But we can’t continue this work alone. The girls of Guinea need your support.

Please donate to School-to-School International this holiday season and give the girls of the Guinea the opportunity for education.

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