Dear Girls of Guinea: I am Humbled by the Obstacles You Overcome

Dear Girls of Guinea,

For the past three years, I have had the honor of working in Guinea to make schools better for you—to make the physical spaces of school safer by installing wells and latrines and to make the culture more welcoming by working with your teachers, parents, and communities to change the social norms that can often keep you from attending.

I am continually inspired by how many of you tell us that you come to school because you love it. And every year, I am humbled by stories of the tremendous obstacles you must overcome to come to class each day and learn.

Your determination in showing up, in claiming an education of your own, and in filling your mind with new ideas is awesome.

My wish for you is that you keep showing up. Keep reaching, keep striving, and keep finding joy in everything that you learn. Dream big.

From my side, I will continue to strive alongside you. I, along with my colleagues at STS, will be there every step of the journey from first grade to the end of elementary school. I will continue to work with you, your teachers, your parents, and your communities to support you in achieving your dreams.

Claire Wassermann
Program Coordinator, School-to-School International

For fourteen years, School-to-School International has provided youth in Guinea with support in education, health, and parental involvement so they could succeed in school—and ultimately, in life. Our Whole Child Model addresses these challenges, with a special focus on girls. But we can’t continue this work alone. The girls of Guinea need your support.

Please donate to School-to-School International this holiday season and give the girls of the Guinea the opportunity for education.

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