Dear Girls of Guinea: Empowered, Educated Women are Necessities

Dear Girls of Guinea,

I know how hard you work every day, not just in the classroom, but also at home. I realize fetching water from the well or helping to cook a meal may seem more important in the eyes of your family and your community, but I hope you realize what’s most important—your education. I understand water and food are necessities for a thriving community, but so are empowered, educated women.

Next month my wife and I are expecting our first child—a daughter—and I want to instill the same messages in her that I am writing to you. I am not the only person who will influence her education, however. Her teachers and community leaders will also play an integral role. What I hope for you is that the many people involved in your education are helpful guides directing you to your destination, not difficult obstacles blocking your path.

Your education is not only about learning how to read and write, but also how to think and dream. I hope you see your education as more than just a daily activity. It’s a lifelong journey. What you learn will open new paths for you to explore. At the moment you may think that the number of roads you can venture down are limited, or you may have to cut your educational journey short in order to get married. But I hope you travel far enough to see the possible destinations are greater than you imagine and that you reach the places you ultimately wish to go.

Drew Schmenner
Knowledge Management and Communications Manager, STS

For fourteen years, School-to-School International has provided youth in Guinea with support in education, health, and parental involvement so they could succeed in school—and ultimately, in life. Our Whole Child Model addresses these challenges, with a special focus on girls. But we can’t continue this work alone. The girls of Guinea need your support.

Please donate to School-to-School International this holiday season and give the girls of the Guinea the opportunity for education.

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