STS has Critical Role to Play in Helping Eradicate Extreme Poverty

STS has Critical Role to Play in Helping Eradicate Extreme Poverty

Last week, Candace Debnam, School-to-School International’s Business Development Director, attended USAID’s Frontiers in Development forum. She wrote the following piece about her experience.

I recently had the pleasure of representing School-to-School International at USAID’s second Frontiers in Development forum, a major development event featuring global leaders such as Secretary of State John Kerry and engaging participants over two days packed with discussions, high-profile talks, and interactive panels on critical development issues. The overall goal was to tackle the question: How will we eradicate extreme poverty by 2030?

How STS Integrates Girls’ Education into Its Work

Educating girls is an integral part of School-to-School International’s holistic Whole Child Model. Evidence proves investing in girls’ education is one of the most cost-effective development strategies. It not only impacts girls immediately in the classroom, but also improves their outcomes as mothers and workers. More aware about their health, women with more education are less likely to die from childbirth complications and raise healthier families. Their earnings potential also increases with more education.

STS’s Girls’ Education Project includes an integrated approach that targets not only girls themselves, but also their schools, families, and communities:

  • We conduct workshops in schools and communities to raise awareness about the importance of girls’ education.
  • We give teachers training and a modest stipend for leading after-school classes for at-risk children, with a special emphasis on girls.
  • We provide the families of the poorest girls with a sack of rice per month for an entire school year — enough to feed the average Guinean family for a month.

STS will have the opportunity to measure the impact of its Girls’ Education Project thanks to a grant from the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI). STS is honored to be one of 17 organizations that the UNGEI’s Good Practice Fund has selected to receive a grant for 2014-2015. More than 300 organizations applied.

Without your support, STS could not make an impact on girls’ lives as well as their schools and communities. Click here to make a contribution.